Martial Arts Mats for Beginners and Pros

Doesn’t matter which martial art you’re practicing at home, if you don’t have the right mats for the job, somebody’s going to get hurt. Then there goes your lifetime of martial arts. That’s no way to practice! Choose the mats that will fit your particular practice, and without spending an arm and a leg (or breaking them), and you can spend hours at home improving performance without worrying about injury.

To choose the best martial arts mats, you’ll first need a good idea of the space you want to cover. A standard shipment of our martial arts mats covers 24 square feet. The 2′ tiles lock together to provide padding in a couple of different thicknesses. If 24 square feet isn’t enough (we recommend more area if you’re doing grappling or throws), order a larger amount or give us a call and we can help you determine the right number to order. Whatever configuration you choose, edge pieces are included to give your practice space a nice, finished look.

If you are looking for martial arts mats for a larger facility, we can help. We have some of the highest-quality and most affordably priced Tatami martial arts mats available. You can do a quick order of our pre-packaged 100-square foot packs or place an order that fits your facility exactly. We have lots of satisfied customers who’ve let us help them choose tiles for their professional facilities, so don’t hesitate to rely on our expertise!

Martial arts mats for the home practice need to be specific to the practitioner. If you’re grappling or doing throws, you should consider our thickest martial arts mats. At 1″ thick, these EVA foam mats will absorb shock and provide cushioning while helping you keep your balance. Our 3/4″ mats do the same job, but provide a little more feel of the floor beneath the mats. These are also a good choice for beginners who will be spending a lot of time on the ground. And our 1/2″ mats are for the truly seasoned martial artist who knows how to take falls. We’ve got it all covered.

Our martial arts mats come in four colors, and all are made with the high-grip Tatami textured finish. Need a sample before you purchase? Give us a call – we’ll be glad to send you one. We want you to be sure of your selection so you’ll be entirely satisfied with the result.