Martial Arts Mats for Real Martial Artists

Martial arts fighters

If you went out and saw Ant-Man last weekend, you probably enjoyed it as much as we did, but it’s likely you also noticed a few parts that could have used a little improvement. Take Paul Rudd’s martial arts training sequence for example – all that roughhousing and not a single martial arts floor mat to be found. You’d think between a genius scientist, a trained thief, and an actual trained martial artist, SOMEBODY in the room might have said, “Hey, you know what would be cool? Not unnecessarily injuring our heist specialist by slamming him into a hard floor repeatedly.”

Seriously though, it was a great movie, and it’s always nice to see good old-fashioned martial arts make an appearance in a cinematic universe full of lasers, aliens, and magic. But unless you want to end up operating at 50% all the time because of crazy bruises and stuff, it’s wise to have appropriate flooring when you’re training in martial arts. As always, we’ve got you covered, or at least your floors. Like, with mats. We’ll cover your floors with mats. See, because… you get it.

It’s ok – our martial arts mats are better than our comedy. We sell them in two different thicknesses, so depending on whether you prefer a little extra cushion or a little extra stability, you can choose the option that’s right for you. If your martial art of choice doesn’t have a lot of falling or interaction with the ground, it might be best to go with the ½” thick mats so that energy from your motion transfers to the ground more effectively. A martial art that involves a lot of takedowns or throws might be better served with the ¾” thick mats.

Of course, it’s all up to you to decide what kind of mats you want for your martial arts practice – but to be clear, we can’t be held accountable if you use the martial arts skills you develop on our mats to infiltrate a tech firm that wants to sell militarized shrinking combat suits to evil modern Nazis. Leave the ANTics to the superheroes. And from now on, we promise to leave the puns to people who are actually funny.