Martial Arts Mats for the Little Guys

Want to keep your children protected at home while they try out their martial arts moves? Our EVA Tatami finish martial arts mats are just the thing you’re looking for. They’ll support the kids with firm EVA foam while giving them enough padding to make it easy to rebound from falls.

Tatami finish martial arts mats have a unique surface, perhaps just like the one at your child’s studio. It’s a ribbed finish that allows maximum grip and traction so accidental slips don’t have to occur. When you’re ready to launch an attack, you don’t want to worry about losing your footing, and you and your child won’t have to with the highly textured surface of the Tatami mats.

It’s true we offer martial arts mats in three different thicknesses, but when it comes to kids, we always recommend the thickest mat. A whole 1″ of padding will be your best bet when it comes to keeping them safe. For older kids who’ve had a few years under their belt (no pun intended), you could consider the 3/4″ mats. These will allow a more intense feeling of the solid ground, but will still be enough padding that you as a parent won’t have to worry.

Martial arts mats can be used in other applications where kids are concerned, too. Tumblers, gymnasts, and cheer squads can all benefit from the textured surface of the martial arts mats. There’s no comparison when it comes to grip. Our mats come in several colors, too, so your kids can have fun picking out a couple of colors to create a fun pattern if you’re going wall-to-wall. If you plan to cover only a small area, like an island configuration, we recommend the application of carpet tape to the underside of the mats to prevent slipping when high-impact activities are the norm.

Not sure which mats are right for your child? Let us send you a free sample (for just the cost of shipping) and you can see and feel the difference in the thicknesses. That’s the best way to judge which will be the best choice for your family. Take the worry out of martial arts practice at home with our affordable Tatami finish martial arts mats.