Martial Arts Mats – No Compromise

Two men practicing taekwondo

It has been said that expertise in martial arts comes from being tempered as an individual, in both body and spirit. A tempered thing is hardened, like the blade of a samurai, the fists of a boxer, or the soles of a runner’s feet. Of course, a tempered floor is probably a bad idea if you’re practicing a martial art. High-speed interaction between people and hard floors usually results in a lot of discomfort, injury, or other nasty things that aren’t all that conducive to good martial arts practice. Studies have shown that martial arts are really, really hard to do when you’ve got broken bones. So, statistically speaking, martial arts floor mats in your training space equals more effective training. Science.

Okay, now for some actual science. Martial arts require a pretty specific kind of footwork, so, while our EVA mats are great for nearly any situation, the martial arts mats we carry have a surface texture that is specifically designed to accommodate a martial artist’s need for secure footing and a way to take a controlled fall in such a way that doesn’t lead to injury. They’re built to be the ideal stuff to have under your feet in any kind of martial arts practice.

The advantage of the martial arts mats is that, while most kinds of flooring are designed to be good for a bunch of different things, since it can be hard to predict what might end up on commercial or residential flooring space. The martial arts mats are tailor-made to be perfect at the one specific kind of impact they have to deal with. They might not hold up too well on an auto shop floor, for example, but we’ve got other mats for those kinds of situations. If the EVA mat is the hand saw of the mat world that can be used for lots of projects and cut a lot of different things, then the martial arts mat is the scalpel – you’re not going to build a house with it, but it’s the surgeon’s best friend.

Pick your flooring with the same precision you’re developing in your body with martial arts. You wouldn’t compromise your training, so don’t compromise on your floors!