Martial Arts Practice at Home: A Great Choice

Setting up a martial arts studio at home is a great move. But it means you have some choices to make. You’ll have to determine how much space you can afford to give to the practice area, what kind of special equipment, if any, you’ll need to get, etc. The easiest choice you’ll make, however, is what kind of flooring to put down.

Martial arts workouts are different than any other kind of workout, so your space must be carefully planned. BJJ isn’t going to work in a corner of the den, and while carpet feels good to walk on, it can be deadly for a martial arts workout. So consider your available space: basement? Garage? Spare room? All of these do very well as home studios and most are easily transformed with the application of some sturdy, durable martial arts mats.

Plan to be practicing alone? The space you allow and outfit for your workout will be considerably smaller than if you were planning on grappling or something similar. Our Tatami finish martial arts mats can be ordered in any quantity, so just a few will suffice for a small space. Add a little carpet tape to the underside of the mats for larger applications or where high-intensity movement will be considerable. Either way, small or large, your martial arts home studio will have the perfect flooring to protect you and your existing floors.

The martial arts mats are a cinch to install, too. No professionals are required; neither are toxic adhesives. The mats lock together like puzzle pieces and come with straight-edged finishing pieces. Want a really cool look? Try ordering two different colors and creating a gym-style appearance. The mats come in different thicknesses, too, so you can choose extra padding if you’ll be doing throws or if your studio will be used by kids. If you just need a little cushioning between your feet and the floor, you might do just fine with a thinner mat. Your choice.

Choices are good. And you’re in luck, because we offer the best choices in martial arts mats you’ll find anywhere. And to top it all off, we also have the most responsive and helpful customer service folks the Internet has to offer. Give us a call and let us help you get your home martial arts studio set up today!