Martial Arts Studio Practice At Home

Why bother installing martial arts flooring mats at home if you have a great studio at which to practice? If you are browsing our website, you obviously know why, but let us help just a bit. How many days of practice does it take for something to become a habit? Grandma would tell you thirty. It is not a magic number, but the point is that the more regularly you do something, the more likely you are to stick with it. Sure, once or twice a week at the studio with an experienced instructor is essential, but think about bringing that home, as it were, to your own home martial arts studio. 

So to get the most out of your time at the studio, you’ll need to practice at home, and the best and safest way to do that is on thick, supportive martial arts mats in a specially designated area of your home where you can concentrate on nothing but your practice. So you clean out the garage, or maybe a corner of the basement and you’re ready to buy your martial arts mats. A tip: choose your martial arts mats the way the instructors at your studio would.

When you’re practicing on the studio’s martial arts mats, you can be assured that these experienced martial artists have chosen the best flooring possible for their students. What considerations did they have in mind when they chose their mats? Well, safety is obviously a main concern. No one needs injuries that result in lawsuits! Affordability is at least in second position, if not tied for first, because they still have to keep the lights on. What else? How about aesthetics? They want to attract business, so like any other business, they’re going to make sure that the way their studio looks projects an image of professionalism. And they may also be considering installation costs. They might be able to afford a certain kind of martial arts flooring system, but can they afford to have it installed? These considerations have gone through every studio owner’s mind at some point, so it’s a good indicator that you should consider these as well for your home martial arts studio. And this is where we can help!

Our martial arts mats have a tatami finish; they’re ribbed so you can easily find purchase with either hands or feet without having to worry about slipping. They come in three thicknesses and two sizes so you can determine how much padding you’ll need, and how large you want the mats to be. (Hint: larger mats cover more area in less time!) So safety is addressed. Now on to affordability and installation. The martial arts mats have puzzle-piece tabs on all sides to snap snugly together. No professional installation required – there, just took that problem out of your affordability equation! You can install the studio flooring in just minutes. And with twelve colors to choose from, you can mix colors or go single-color to achieve the aesthetic that’s most pleasing to you.

Martial arts mastery is hard – choosing martial arts mats isn’t. Extend your practice at home and keep that studio momentum going!