Mats for Every Kind of Fitness

gymnastics at home

There are probably about as many different kinds of fitness mats as there are ways to get fit. Whether you’re a yogi, a weightlifter, a runner, or into any other kind of athletics, there’s likely to be some kind of variably squishy flooring specifically designed to go under your particular feet. There are, of course, some all-purpose mats you can get, but if you’re going to be dropping a barbell after squats, you’re probably going to want something a little tougher than a yoga mat.

We’ve got that in our Vélotas rubber-topped mats and the Vélotas PVC fitness equipment mats which serve as a great alternative to expensive rubber flooring used by public gyms. But, if your home fitness fantasy doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of heavy equipment, what are your options?

Well, carpet is definitely not going to do the trick (rumor has it this company was founded by somebody who intensely abhors rug burns), so one easy option is a 2’x6’ exercise mat. It’s compact enough to travel with, easy to clean, and won’t take up too much room if you don’t have the space to install a full-on home gym. If you do happen to have the space and want a little more surface area on the mat, we do offer some larger ones as well. These are easy, affordable options that can make fitness work in the home a lot more comfortable for those occasions when the gym is closed or you’re otherwise disinclined to leave the house.

Of course, no fitness mat selection would be complete without yoga mats, and we’re proud to offer some extremely high quality options from Manduka at different price points. All of them are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, from sturdy, sustainable materials which won’t break down on you, and closed-cell construction which won’t absorb sweat or odor, and are extremely easy to clean.

So many options can be a little overwhelming, so don’t hesitate to contact us before you make a decision if you’re not totally sure what sort of fitness mat you need. Mats, as you might have guessed, are kind of our thing, so we’re happy to help you figure out what your options are given your space, budget, and other constraints and criteria.