Mats for Every Martial Art

Whether you’re into karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, or even MMA, you know that the surface you practice on is crucial to you ability practice safely. Slippery garage floors, tile, even carpet – these surfaces can do more to hinder your practice than help it. That’s why you need martial arts mats as the foundation of your home martial arts practice.

We Sell Mats prides itself on having the best quality martial arts mats at prices well below our competitors. This way more people like you can have access to better, more supportive mats to help keep their practice going. Whether you put them in the garage, the basement, or even in a professional gym or dojo, We Sell Mats’ Tatami Finish Martial Arts Mats are the most affordable, attractive, and durable mats out there.

Our martial arts mats have a Tatami surface. It’s ribbed like old tatami grass mats were, to give your hands and feet better traction. One slip and your practice could over for a long time. The Tatami surface provides more area for grip and still offers serious padding. Our mats come in three levels of padding. For the more experienced martial artist, the 1/2” mats are probably perfect. They offer a moderate level of cushioning but still provide a very tangible feel of the ground. For martial artists newer to the practice, the 3/4” mats offer a little more padding while you’re getting used to your new practice. And to provide maximum padding, especially if kids are involved, our 1” thick mats are absolutely the way to go.

The standard pack of martial arts mats covers 24 square feet. The package comes with straight edge pieces so you can make your mats flush against a wall. And because they fit together like puzzle pieces, you can change the configuration any time. No adhesives are necessary, and the mats are easily trimmed or cut to fit around odd angles or objects with just a pair of scissors or a utility knife. If you find you need more than 24 square feet covered, you could order the 100 square foot pack or simply order individual tiles as you need them. Our Jumbo martial arts mats are 2’x2′ and would cover a larger area more quickly and with fewer tiles. This is an excellent choice for dojos and gyms.

If you’d like to see what the mats are like before you commit to a purchase, give us a shout and we’ll send you a sample for only the price of shipping. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and your customer service experience, so give We Sell Mats a try!