Mats in Class

We’ve recently read some reviews of our mats sent by teachers of elementary school children. They are replacing their carpeted story-time areas with foam mats! (Teachers really are the most creative people out there  – hats off!) Here’s what some of them are doing with the mats in their classrooms.

Carpet traps dirt, boogers, bugs, dander, and everything else that comes along with young school-aged children. Teachers have enough to do without hauling out the vacuum every day. So haul the carpet to the dumpster and follow the lead of a couple of our customers: replace the carpet with colorful EVA foam mats. The mats are just thick enough to provide the padding the carpet used to, but they won’t hold anything but kids. Dirt, bugs, and everything else can simply be swept off. They’re water-resistant too, so when accidents happen, stains and odors aren’t a problem. Just wipe them down and let them air dry.

If you’re a believer in the everything-should-have-more-than-one-use theory, EVA mats in the classroom are for you. Your students will have a blast building forts, roadways, and safe spaces from the lava pits with the mats. They come apart so easily and are so resilient that the kids can use them for playtime and then put them back together for story time. Shoot, they’re soft enough, they might even be good for nap time!

Other non-traditional types of classrooms can use foam mats for lots of things. Some special needs kids benefit from having the mats on the walls or under indoor swinging chairs. The double textured mats provide tactile interest and with multiple colors of mats, kids can have fun creating their own patterns.

Whatever kind of classroom you have, the addition of EVA foam mats will make clean-up easier, keeping bottoms on the floor during story time easier, and will tell the kids you care about their comfort and their environment.