Mats in the Great Outdoors

Campsite in need of mats

What’s worse than packing up a camping site and heading home at the end of the trip? Packing up a camping site and heading home at the end of the trip while you’re tired, sore, and lacking a decent rest because you had nothing between you and the ground but the bottom of your tent and sleeping bag. But worry not, this fate needn’t befall you! We’ve just recently* started selling these things we’re calling “floor mats” and they can be used for everything from exercise to commercial shop floors to, yes, you guessed it, padding to put beneath your sleeping bag on a camping trip!

Many of our exercise mats can be folded in half for portability, and they’re just the right size to stick under a sleeping bag, which makes them ideal for camping trips. If you’re really dedicated and want to cover the whole bottom of a large tent, you might try taking a couple of EVA foam mats too – they’re exceptionally easy to clean which makes them a great choice for outdoor endeavors. We’re pretty sure the number of things that floor mats can be used for is actually infinite. Camping is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, don’t put yourself through the post-camping headache – there’s no excuse for it now that We Sell Mats is in your life. You might think of us as your camping trip guardian angels** who save your muscles from the aches that the modern mattress has turned into an artifact from an ancient, significantly less cozy era. Living without the comforts of the indoors for a little while is great, but with a good floor mat at your back (quite literally in this case), you can enjoy the natural world without aches and pains!

*We’ve actually sold these for quite a while now.
**Mats not designed to protect against bears. Bears are scary.