Mats That Take a Beating

We like to think our customers have a good eye for quality in flooring, but what if EVA foam (our favorite) won’t cut it for the applications you need? Fear not, we carry heavy duty PVC flooring that has all the characteristics of EVA that we love, but is built to be crazy-sturdy for occasions where your floors need to take more of a beating.

EVA is great most of the time, but we know that one size doesn’t always fit all, and that’s why we carry the heavy duty mats. Never take chances with your flooring – it could save you time, money, energy and even injury. If you’re not sure which type of material you need, feel free to contact us! With a little information about your situation, we can help you find the best fit. We even offer the tiles in multiple colors, so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in order to make sure your floor is a stable, reliable place to set your feet.

Heavy duty mats are, well, heavy, so we can ship up to a hundred via UPS Ground; after that, you’ll receive them via freight. However, if freight is your preference, we can also ship that way with smaller orders too. Without any special tools or adhesives required to install, and with a customer support team that’s ready to help you through the installation process if you need it, we can have your heavy duty flooring to you as quickly as possible, and from there it’s a breeze to get it installed!