Meet the New Bamboo!

Bamboo floor mat with bamboo

Our newest line of wood grain mats has arrived and we’d like to introduce you to Light Bamboo! This beautiful member of our Forest Floor™ line is one of the lighter wood grain appearances, so it is perfect for lightening a room or adding just a touch of warmth to a cold space. 

The Forest Floor ™ mats are a gorgeous addition to our 3/8″ EVA foam mat offerings. The Light Bamboo specifically offers the gentle lines typical of smaller diameter wood grain, with a light, pleasing color and tone. We happen to think this stuff would make an awesome yoga studio! A soft, 3/8″ surface with a gorgeous finish, easily installed and cleaned – what more could you want?

Like all of our EVA foam mats, the Light Bamboo mats are interlocking, so they connect quickly and easily to each other. The packs include edge pieces to give your room or space a nice finished look. To keep them looking brand new for a seriously long time, just sweep, mop with a little water and mild detergent and let them dry. The really cool thing is that even if they get really dirty and have to be removed to be cleaned, you can put them back in place as soon as they’re dry. And because the tiles lock in place so easily, if you ever decide to expand your coverage area, just order some more tiles and add on! Honest, it’s really simple!

Bonus feature: all our mats come with our unbelievably knowledgeable, friendly, and mind-reading (so we’ve been told) customer service staff. In an age when good customer service seems to be a thing of the past, We Sell Mats is leading the charge back to the good ‘ol days! If you have questions about what to order, when an order will be delivered, when it was shipped, or about what to get your cousin for his wedding, give us a call. We’ll dazzle you with our intellect and stunning conversation! Or we might just help you get the perfect mats you’re looking for. Either way, you won’t be sorry you called!