Mix It Up!

Men and women running and lifting weights

“Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Oscar Wilde didn’t exactly have fitness in mind when he made this famous comment, but it’s easily applied to 21st century lifestyles, including workouts. For awhile, aerobics were all the rage. “Feel the burn!” More recently, cardio has been shunned in the fitness world, the misperception being that it causes a loss of muscle mass. The Golden Child of the gym is now is power and strength: bodybuilding. The health and fitness world seems to embrace a fad, shun another, rinse, and repeat. But Oscar may have been on to something, according to some exercise science reports.

A combination of cardio and weight-bearing exercise is actually going to be the best in the long run. Kind of like peanut butter and chocolate. Remember? “Two great tastes that go great together.” That’s cardio and bodybuilding. Cardio is great for your heart and keeps female athletes from getting too bulky, and weight-bearing exercise builds muscle mass, strength, power, and the look you’ve always wanted. If you get to the gym five times a week, you’ve got it made. But how can you achieve the perfect balance if your workout time is mostly at home?

With some EVA foam exercise mats, even a small area in your home, maybe the basement or even a corner of your bedroom, can become a dedicated workout space. Our EVA foam mats placed on any hard surface provide just the right amount of cushioning for high impact activities like aerobics, and the perfect support for your weight training. We even have different thicknesses for you to choose from, depending on the types of activities you’ll be engaging in. The interlocking tabs keep the mats securely in place, though if you’re doing super high-impact activities like plyometrics, you can always use a little tape on the underside of the mats for extra stability.

We’re pretty sure Oscar would have approved of a cardio/bodybuilding workout routine, and we think he would have liked our mats, too. Get into a balanced routine by combining cardio, weight lifting, and some great exercise mats!