More Than Just Tumbling Mats

Many customers come to our website looking for tumbling mats for their kids or grandkids, but what even more folks don’t know is that we have so much more gymnastics equipment than just the mats! So go ahead and grab your tumbling mats, and then take a look at the other essential stuff you’ll wonder how you ever got along without!

You might think the tumbling barrel looks like part of a circus act (and when used in a kids’ tumbling class, you wouldn’t be far wrong), but this particular piece of equipment is so adaptable it can be used in tumbling classes, Yoga, Pilates, or even just for getting a good stretch. Our 30x30x36” barrel has a solid foam core and is covered in a soft but durable 18 oz. vinyl so you get support and padding at the same time. It can handle the repeated use in a kids’ tumbling class, but is sturdy enough to help with an adult’s fitness routine. Even at home, if you just need a little help stretching at the end of the day, roll out a bit on the barrel and you’ll feel as good as if you’d just gone to the chiropractor!

For more specific training, our tumbling octagons are perfect. They come in five different sizes, so you can get exactly the right trainer for your specific activity. The smallest octagons are great for teaching little ones forward rolls. As they get bigger (the kids and the octagons) you’ll find them suitable for learning bridges. Cheer squads often use the larger octagons as well as older students of gymnastics. What a versatile piece of equipment, right?!

If you shop around, you’ll find that these pieces of equipment can be pretty pricey. We’re proud to say our equipment, while top-of-the-line, is affordable and comes with the best customer support you’ll ever experience. If you’re not sure which size octagon will be best for you, give us a call and our experts will help you determine which will be best for your needs. If there’s ever a problem, these same folks will be right there to help you through it. We’re really proud of our customer service team – they’re kinda awesome. Won’t it be nice to order what you need from a family business that prides itself on making customers happy? Give us a call!