Multiple Uses for Our Best Tumbling Mats

kids play fighting

It’s a truly great product that is so outstanding you want to use it for multiple purposes – and can! That would be our tumbling mats. Many of our customers have purchased the tumbling mats for their kids to use to do gymnastics at home, but they’ve discovered that they’re great for even more purposes. 

Of course the 4×6 tumbling mats are perfect for young kids learning the sport of gymnastics. They’re just the right size for little ones to learn rolls and cartwheels while allowing room to fall to a padded surface. And the 4×8 and 5×10 mats are fantastic for bigger kids who need a little more room. And all the mats can be connected with the hook and loop fasteners for a snug, secure fit to give increased length and breadth, so size is never an issue. But what’s really cool are the other purposes for which these versatile mats can be used!

One of our customers got them for her grandkids originally, and discovered they were the perfect thickness and size for her own yoga practice! For anyone who wants some extra padding for poses or floor work, you can’t beat 1 1/2″ or 2″ of thickness! (Balance can become an issue with that kind of give under your feet, so you might want a yoga mat nearby for standing poses.)

While we do offer mats for play areas, some of our customers have found that the thickness of the tumbling mats is a better fit for their rough-and-tumble kids’ play areas. Do you have one of those kids who wants to play ninja all day long? You might want to consider the tumbling mats in your play area! Flips, rolls, and launches off furniture will result in fewer injuries if there is extra padding on the ground!

Get creative with tumbling mats! They don’t have to be just for somersaults anymore!