Nastia Liukin Gymnastics for Kids

If there’s a little gymnast in your life, you’re either thrilled to death or wondering how in the world to keep up…maybe both! We have some solutions that will engage, entertain, protect, and encourage your budding athlete without draining your bank account. The answer is in our Nastia Liukin line of gymnastics equipment.

We Sell Mats is proud to offer this Olympian-endorsed line of gymnastics equipment for every kid who’s ever wanted to be “just like Nastia” or any other Olympic gymnast. Let’s start with the basic tumbling mat. Whether 4’x8′ or 5’x10′, the mats are 1.5” thick and fold every two feet for easy storage. The heavy-duty 18oz. vinyl covering has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compounds to keep the germs at bay. The aerobics mat is also 1.5” thick with the same 18 oz vinyl covering, but is 2’x4’ when open, a perfect size for a more compact space.

Balance beams and bars are about the most attractive apparatus to a young gymnast, and Nastia Liukin’s line includes scaled-down versions of these to reassure Mom and Dad while still giving the little one a great experience. Learning handstands is one of those beginner skills that needs lots of practice, and with the 2” solid maple Floor Training Rail, a young athlete will be well on her way. The Foam Balance Beam is a safe and controlled way to introduce even the youngest gymnasts to what a balance beam will feel like, all the while teaching balance and a sense of control over their own bodies. At 4” wide, this beam offers support, stability, and a sense of security as the child learns and progresses. The Junior Balance Beam is ready to take them to the next level: sitting 5.5” high, the padded beam provides safety and just a little bit of a challenge.

And when they just have to swing from something, the Nastia Liukin Preschool Training Bar is the place to go. Easily assembled, this stable, adjustable bar works well with the tumbling mats to provide hours of safe, energetic fun.

Gymnastics are great for kids and with the right equipment, you won’t have to sweat it – you got this!