Nastia’s Choice for Gymnastics Equipment

Elite athlete, Nastia Liukin, has put her name to some outstanding gymnastics equipment and we’re very proud to be able to offer it to you. You frequently see athletes and celebrities endorsing products, but it’s another thing entirely to actually put their names on a product. That’s a pretty weighty move. And that’s why we’re confident you’ll love Nastia’s gymnastics equipment for your young gymnast.

Nastia knows that tumbling mats are the first thing a beginning tumbler will need, so her line of tumbling mats are made to meet her standards. You can choose between a 4′ x 8′ or 5′ x 10′ mat, both of which have 1.5″ of foam padding, and are covered in a sturdy vinyl to make sure they last as long as you need them to. They fold up for convenient storage and even have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities to make sure they stay safe for your young gymnast.

As a parent, you know that if there is a log, curb, or any straight line in your child’s line of sight, he or she will try to balance and walk on it, so we’re happy to give you Nastia’s selection of balance beams! (Wouldn’t you feel more at ease with your child balancing on a supportive, grounded balance beam than on that rotten log that’s lying across the creek in the park?!) Since children have many different skill levels, the Nastia line of balance beams contains four styles of balance beams. The foam balance beam sits flat on the floor and is perfect for the youngest tumblers and beginning gymnasts. Its 4″ wide surface gives ample room for grip; perfect for developing those gross motor skills. The 3′ balance beam sits just off the ground and is constructed with foam and plywood. It’s covered in the same competition-like sanded finish you’ll find on a real balance beam. And her Junior balance beam¬†gives the more advanced gymnast a truer feel of the real thing.

Nastia’s handstand bar, preschool training bar, and aerobics mat are all available at We Sell Mats, too. If you’re ready to go full-Nastia, we’ve got all the equipment you’ll need with Nastia Liukin’s signature approval. Take your pick!