Need Some Help With Your Kiddos?

EVA foam mats are a common theme when teachers, daycare providers, and therapists talk about things that help in their fields of practice. In classrooms, reading and play areas become more comfortable. In the daycare centers, parents are impressed with the safe environment provided for their kids. And for those who work with special needs children, EVA foam mats can become the foundation for progress and growth.

Sadly, as classroom teachers are forced to spend more and more of their own money on things that are needed in their classrooms, one of their best investments are play mats for the kids. Some use the mats as a designated area for story time. The kids get a little bit of padding and are more likely to sit and listen (but kids will be kids, and they do need to fidget). Sometimes, especially in younger classrooms, the play mats are used for precisely that: play. Even in a small class, playtime can get out of hand, so if the kiddos are playing on 3/8″ of EVA foam, the mayhem will less often result in trips to the school nurse.

Daycare providers find that the addition of EVA foam play mats¬†gives them a bit more peace of mind (and parents, too). With a soft, stain-resistant floor to play on, kids are less likely to get hurt or permanently damage the flooring. The play mats easy to clean, too. Just sweep of debris and clean with a little mild detergent in water and you’re done. If a mat does ever get damaged, and it’s likely some creative little bugger will figure out how to do it, simply replace that mat with another inter-locking mat.

For kids who spend a lot of time on the floor with therapists playing for intentional and guided growth, EVA play mats are not only more comfortable, they can be a source of creativity. Just look at the young boy in the picture. Not only is he comfortable spending time on his hands and knees, his coach is comfortable playing right along with him. If you spend time on the floor with your special needs child, mats will be a very welcome addition to your routine.

If you’re ready to improve the setting your kids learn and play in, EVA foam mats may be a good step. Give us a call if you have any questions!