New Balance Beams and Gymnastics Kits!

We’re absolutely certain that our new balance beams are just what your little tumbler or gymnast would love to have at home. They’re durable but soft, narrow at the top but tapered to a wider, sturdier base, and fold up for easy storage. They’re just what kids need to learn to become comfortable on a competitive beam someday.

We always get excited when we have new products to offer, but these balance beams really are something to get pumped about. Now, for the littlest guys, our medium density balance beam is perfect. It’s not too rigid, but provides a good feel for the kids to get used to a beam. It sits flat on the ground, so there’s no worries about falling from competitive beam heights. At 3.5″ wide, the kids will get a feel for balance and motor control that they’ll need as they progress. And of course they’re foldable so you can slide them into hiding when they’re not being used. But they’ll be out a lot!

For older kids who can handle a more rigid practice beam, our high density beams are fantastic trainers. They’re made of the same crosslink polyethylene foam core for durability, and taper to a wider base for support. The extra-wide version is 4″ across at the top and rises 6″ from the base. Either of our high density beams work well for gymnasts of all ages, but if you have a question about which would be best for your gymnast, give us a call!

If you’re ready to go full-home-studio, we’ve got an amazing gymnastics kit that’s sure to make you the hero of your child’s dreams! We’ve selected a beam, a tumbling mat, and an incline mat appropriate for certain age groups, bundled them into a kit and are thrilled to be able to offer them to you at special introductory prices. Kids can practice bridges, walkovers, and handsprings on the incline mats while having a supportive tumbling mat to buffer any mishaps. And you already know about the beams. What a great way to encourage your child’s interest in a healthy, active lifestyle than with gymnastics apparatus to inspire them!