New Carpet Idea for Trade Shows

If you really like the look and feel of carpet in your trade show booth but despise the rental costs, the hauling, and the backache that accompanies it, we have a suggestion. For a richly colored carpet look that is anti-fatigue, take a look at our carpet top mats.

It’s true, many small businesses use our wood grain mats to add a touch of class to their booths, and you really can’t go wrong with them. But if you’re craving the cozy, family room feel of carpet, our carpet top mats are the most affordable and lightweight way to go. They are 2′ square, so they’ll cover a lot of area very quickly. We’re talking minutes. And with our shoulder bag for transporting them to and from shows, you can actually carry your whole flooring system over your shoulder. No more back strains, no more achey fee.

With eight deep and rich colors to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding a color that complements your company’s colors and logo. Nothing looks better than a well-coordinated booth, and your color scheme might just be the thing that draws eyes to your booth, so you’d better make it good! And with 3/8″ of EVA foam padding beneath the carpet top, you and your guests will stand and walk quite comfortably. You just might keep them in your booth a little longer if they’re comfortable!

If a carpet roll gets stained (what’s the likelihood of *that* happening?!), it can cost a small fortune in cleaning or replacement, but that’s not the case with our carpet top mats. They’re water resistant, so if you have a clear liquid spill, you can probably just sop it up and let it dry. If it becomes permanently stained, you can simply replace the mar or mats that are affected. Business owners often buy a few more tiles than they need just for this purpose.

There is a solution to your carpet-craving: the carpet top EVA foam mat. Give them a try at your next exhibition and we’re sure you’ll wish you’d discovered them sooner.