Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

At the next trade show, ask customers to step into your booth. It’s not exactly a phone booth that will transform them into a Man of Steel, but it’s a booth that could help them become the superhero their small business needs. You have what they need to take their business to the next level and all they require is an introduction.

Trade show booths, like telephone booths, are unassuming while they play their vital role in helping you help your customers find exactly what they need. Your booth, confined to its 140 square feet, is really a T.A.R.D.I.S® in disguise. It’s waaay bigger on the inside. It has everything your customers need, whether they know it or not, to help them improve their own businesses or homes. They’ll know it, too, as soon as they step into your booth, gently laden with soft, supportive, and quite striking EVA foam mats. Mats can blend, pop, and catch eyes all at the same time. Logo-inspired colors keep the focus on your brand, while an elegant wood-grain appearance might generate a high quality, upscale feel. You set the tone, and let their feet make the decision.

To help your booth on its way to becoming the Obi Wan to all the Luke Skywalkers filing toward your booth, use the simple application of elegant, supportive mats to draw and then keep your young Jedi. Once in your booth, perhaps not even realizing how comfortable they are, their attention will be yours as you explain how your service or product can make them the rescuing hero in their business. They want to attract more customers, bring a level of grace and comfort to their homes, and you want to help them do it. That’s quite a Wonder Twins thing you’ve got going there. Be what they need so they can become who they want to be. They’ll walk away with a great impression of your business, in addition to your product, and you’ll sleep well knowing Gotham is safe again.

Trade show booths are the stuff of dreams and nightmares. Turn yours into a dream-generating machine with some comfortable, anti-fatigue EVA foam mats.