Octagons, Wedges, and Barrels…Oh My!

skeptical woman looks at gymnastics octagon

It’s true, we like to talk about our mats. Hmmm….wonder why? But the truth is, we’ve got some other really fun stuff that will complement any home or gym workout, any daycare, tumbling, or gymnastics facility, and any Yoga or Pilates studio. Sure we’ve got the mats, but check out some of our other equipment that you’ll wish you’d never exercised without.There aren’t too many pieces of equipment that can be used interchangeably between the toddler tumbling class, Dad’s yoga session, and Mom’s Pilates workout. But the tumbling barrel happens to fit that bill. Our tumbling barrel¬†measures 30x30x36 and is covered in durable 18 oz. vinyl. Its solid foam core provides support and cushioning at the same time. The solid construction makes it tough enough to withstand the beating it can take in a tumbling or gymnastics class for kids, helping them learn balance and forward rolls with some creative games. But it can also support an adult’s requirements for stretching, strengthening, or even relaxing. If you invest in a piece of exercise equipment for the whole family, the tumbling barrel should be it.

Not to be outdone, the tumbling octagon¬†offers many of the same uses as the barrel, but with one significant advantage. Our octagons come in six different sizes, allowing you to choose the right octagon for your specific purposes. Teaching little ones how to do front rolls? We recommend the Royal Blue and Orange 15″ x 24″ octagon. Coaching a cheer leading squad? Choose the 35″ or 40″ x 45″ octagons for some serious training.

Finally, for introducing beginners to gymnastics apparatus, we invite you to take a look at our mount trainer. Whether to beam or bars, this alternative to the spring board will offer a kinder, gentler introduction. It is lightweight and very easy to move using the convenient side handles. The dual-density interior foam means solid support, but won’t compress.

We’ve done a little research and can tell you that there are some pretty steep prices out there for these kinds of equipment. But We Sell Mats is proud of our service and low prices – we’re sure you won’t find better on the ‘net!