Our Employees Stand on Them – So Can Yours!

First impressions are crucial for small businesses. When customers walk into your store, the last thing you want them to see is ugly, damaged, or shoddy flooring. Their first step into your establishment is going to make all the difference. Now if you have attractive, resilient EVA foam mats in the store, their first step is going to take their breath away. Not only will it look like a million bucks, but the feel…they would never have guessed they weren’t walking on a regular floor. Now you’ve got their attention. Time to sell your product and your customer service.

Most retail settings are set squarely atop concrete or hardwood floors, but our wood grain EVA foam mats can go right on top of those floors and transform them into soft, supportive, anti-fatigue flooring that will leave a lasting impression. Many of our customers who use the wood grain mats tell us that the first time friends or customers step onto the mats, they look down immediately, confused as to why the “wood” floor feels so soft and comfortable. It’s that good. The interlocking tabs of each mat fit together so seamlessly that your floor will look like continuous wood flooring, but will feel so good your customers may just want to run around barefoot!

Redoing a retail floor can be a major undertaking in terms of cost and time, but with our EVA foam mats, you can actually do the installation yourself. Just fit the mats together, trim around obstacles, and finish with our straight edge pieces for a smooth, professional look. If you only want to do a part of your establishment, just order enough mats for the coverage area. We’re flexible! And if you come up short, you can always order single tiles or more to finish the job, or even expand it. The dedicated workers behind the counters will appreciate having some anti-fatigue mats to cushion their feet and joints all day long so their attention to your customers will be as sincere and positive at the end of the day as it was first thing in the morning.

You can’t go wrong with EVA foam mats in your retail setting. We’d love to help you determine which mats and how many will work best for you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email. Our customer service folks stand on these mats all day, so they’re happy to help!