Our Most Popular Mat – The Wood Grain Mat

A crazy number of our friends on Facebook *love* our wood grain mats. And with good reason. Unlike most types of flooring, faux wood grain mats adapt easily to many different environments. We have customers who use them in professional daycare settings. Parents love the clean look of the wood and the softness the underlying EVA foam provides. Daycare providers themselves love how simple the mats are to keep clean. Just a little water and a mop takes care of any spill and works gently as a regular clean-up routine – no harsh chemicals required.

Several of our health-conscious customers love the fitness aesthetic the wood grain mats provide in their home workout spaces. Assembled into any configuration you need, these attractive, anti-fatigue mats snap into place and since they’re so easy to clean, your fitness room doesn’t have to smell like a gym locker room. Same old mop and water is all it takes.

Then there are the folks who take their wares on the road. Trade shows and home shows are merciless on the feet and joints of the good souls staffing the booth. Our lightweight mats transport easily, snap together, and provide the staff and potential customers alike with a relaxing (dare we say refreshing??) surface beneath their feet. When you have happy salespeople and happy customers, you have a happy bottom line.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for any of this. Check us out on Facebook and read for yourselves: customers don’t lie! In fact, while you’re there, go ahead and give us a “like” and you’ll be able to enjoy our Facebook discount every time you order from us! Whether it’s wood grain mats, tumbling mats, martial arts mats, or something else entirely, we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with EVA foam!