Outdoor Play Areas Defined With Mats

toddler in grass

It’s finally starting to get warmer – of course we’ll all be complaining of the excessive heat soon enough – and that means that the kids have more opportunities to play outside. Or maybe you’re the one wanting to get out, but keeping watch over a toddler outdoors isn’t your idea of becoming one with nature. What if there were a way to keep the little one safe and happy that didn’t require you to be hands-on every minute? There is!!Play areas are one of the most popular applications we’ve seen of our EVA mats. Indoors, they provide support and cushioning, but outdoors they’re an absolute necessity. If you use a play yard, a space enclosed by plastic or mesh gating, you absolutely must have a soft floor beneath it for the little ones to crawl and walk on. EVA mats provide a clean, level surface that can be easily cleaned so the kids always have a sanitary surface on which to play. The 3/8″3/4″ of foam makes sure that a tumble doesn’t result in tears, and the easy installation means you can put down and take up the mats as often as you need to without compromising their integrity. Hose them down and let them dry in the sun or use a little mild detergent and a mop; nothing more harsh is ever required to keep the mats in top shape.

It’s easy to see how foam mats can make the great outdoors just a little easier to handle. Having a toddler out there can be tough, but when you know they have a safe, defined play space that won’t be impossible to maintain, you can enjoy yourself a little more knowing the babes are safe and happy on their foam mats.

We hope we’ve made your summer look just a little bit brighter. Give us a call and let our experts help you choose the perfect mats for your setting. We’ll get them shipped out to you right away and you’ll be well on your way to a great summer with the kiddos!