Outdoor Play Spaces Can Be Safe and Comfortable!

child looking at lady bug

Wish your kids had a safe place to play on the patio or deck where you didn’t have to worry about them eating the lawn or getting splinters? A tried and true solution is just a click away! EVA foam mats are soft, supportive, easily cleaned, and a piece of cake to take apart and store. They are, quite frankly, the perfect solution to every parent’s concerns about safe play spaces, indoors or out.

Over the years, customers have told us how wonderful our mats are for covering surfaces deemed too uncomfortable or not quite safe enough for kids to play on outdoors. Hard concrete patios always seem to win in the battle between frisky kids and their landing sites during play. Who needs a pre-schooler with a concussion?! With some foam mats for a play area, grown-ups can relax knowing the kids are safely supported and cushioned in the event of a tumble.

And we’re pretty sure every mom and dad has had to say, “No, honey, we don’t eat the bugs.” It’s amazing what kids can find to snack on when they’re playing in the grass! With a well-defined, mat-covered play area, the kids can focus on their toys, and not the weeds and bugs. Sure, some little lady bug with a death wish will find its way onto the mat, but bites from bugs like fleas and chiggers can be reduced with a mere 3/8″ of foam to play on. Hmm…foam mats as insect repellant! Maybe this is a new marketing angle!

It’s going to rain, but the cool thing about the mats is that they can take it! Shoot, take a mop or rag to the wet mats, then leave them in a protected area and they’ll dry nicely on their own. Mats really are the easiest option when it comes to play surfaces.

Take a look at some of the reviews of our 3/8″ mats on our website and you’ll hear directly from experienced parents that EVA foam is the answer to your prayers.