Over-programmed Kids? Play Mats Are The Answer!

With all the summer activities to choose from, it can be easy to over-activity your child, but with some comfortable play mats at home, they’ll have that free, let-their-imaginiations-run-wild time kids crave for growth, entertainment, and development. 

Play mats not only provide an element of safety for the kids, protection for the floors, and peace of mind for you, they also contribute to the tools at hand for them to make play time constructive. But let’s start with the safety. How many bonks and slips have resulted in tears and bandages? Maybe even stitches? With EVA foam play mats, the surface your kids will land on when they do fall (and they will!) will be a little softer, absorbing some of the shock and maybe, just maybe, be enough to let them get up and continue playing without medical intervention. That right there should be enough of a selling point!

But play mats do more; they’ll protect that really nice wood floor from toy truck tread marks, permanent markers, waxy crayons, and the occasional sharp object being dragged across them. If you want your floors to stay looking like real hardwood floors and not the track at the Indianapolis 500, play mats will do the job while being comfortable and fun for the kiddos. So between the protection factor and the save-our-floors quality, your peace of mind is ensured.

But the coolest part of EVA foam play mats is their contribution to your child’s imaginative play time. Sure, the mats are meant to be connected and installed on the floor as a surface for play, but we can’t tell you how many times the mats themselves have become the toy. It’s ok – let the kids take them apart and build with them! You’ll love what they come up with: forts, castles, train tracks, safe passage through a lava-filled living room. There’s no limit to their imaginations, nor is their a limit to what they can come up with for the mats.

Play mats are peace of mind, protection, and catalysts for the young imagination. You think you’re buying floor mats, but you’re really buying a state of mind.