Oversized Martial Arts Mats for More Coverage

Covering a large area with martial arts mats for practice, whether at home or a studio, can be costly. We’ve found a way to help you afford it so you can have the room, support, and protection you need. Meet our Jumbo Martial Arts Mats.

Jumbo martial arts mats are easy to install, despite their size. In fact, you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes. They fit wall-to-wall configurations snugly; some trimming may be required to achieve the exact size of your area, but it won’t compromise the integrity of the installation. If you have an island configuration, the same installation method applies, though you may want to put a little carpet tape on the underside at the seams to prevent the mats from coming apart. The extra-thick 3/4″ padding means they’re going to be able to handle whatever martial art you have in mind for them, whether solo practice of forms, or grappling with a partner. To clean them, you just sweep off any debris and you might take a mop to them every once in awhile. No harsh chemicals are required: just use a little mild detergent in some water to keep your jumbo martial arts mats looking new.

Our Jumbo Martial Arts mats have an authentic Tatami finish. This ribbed surface gives you superior traction and is a simulation of the original tatami rice straw mats those who first practiced martial arts would have used. Unlike the original martial artists, you have the option to choose the color of your jumbo martial art mats. You can design a competition style floor with a combination of colors. In fact, many competition venues use jumbo-sized martial arts mats, since it makes covering a large area quicker and easier.

The best part about our Jumbo Martial Arts Mats (outside of their quality and ease of use) is their price. For less than $60, you can cover and 11′ square space. If you want more mats, you just order as many as you need for your space. If you find you need a few more after your installation is complete, just order as many as your need. If a mat ever becomes damaged, you can simply replace the single mat, and not the whole floor.

We’ve made the best Jumbo Martial Arts mats easy to install, safe to use, and affordable to own. Visit the Martial Arts page of our website to see the Jumbo Martial Arts mats and others.