Oversized Martial Arts Mats

When you have a lot of space to cover for martial arts practice, nothing gets the job done better than our Jumbo Martial Arts mats. These 40″ x 40″ mats will cover more area in less time and get you or your students practicing in no time. 

Jumbo martial arts mats doesn’t mean difficult to work with. These are appropriately sized so that you can still install them yourself in a very short time. If you’re not installing wall-to-wall, we recommend a little carpet tape on the underside of the seams to help keep them in place. Their 3/4″ thickness means once they’re down, they can handle the beating you’re sure to give them. And if they ever get dirty, you just use a broom or suction-only vacuum to remove debris. Chances are, a little sweat is going to make its way onto the mats, but a mop in a little water with mild detergent is all you need to keep your Jumbo martial arts mats looking and performing like new, every time.

Like our other martial arts mats, the Jumbo Martial Arts mats come with an authentic Tatami finish. Like the original tatami rice straw mats, these mats are ribbed for greater traction and support. The Tatami finish allows your feet to find solid purchase and launch attacks with confidence. You’re also able to choose your colors – many of our martial arts instructor customers like the look of a tournament floor (often made with Jumbo sized mats) and choose the red and blue combinations. It gives practice time a greater sense of professionalism. And it just looks cool, too.

When you’re in the market to cover a large area, our Jumbo Martial Arts mats are the easiest, most durable, and most affordable choice you can make. Just read some of our reviews. If you’d like a sample of our Jumbo mats to study before you purchase, we’ll be happy to send you one for only the cost of shipping. And we’ll always be here with help and customer service should you need it. Jumbo Martial Arts Mats may just be the perfect solution you’re looking for!