Padding and Protection in Play Mats

EVA foam mats¬†are a great choice when it comes to choosing a surface for your child’s play area. Whether you’re just creating a little island in a room that has other functions or flooring an entire room wall-to-wall, EVA foam provides comfort, protection, and ease of maintenance.

The closed-cell structure of EVA foam play mats means they won’t absorb liquid – and you know how many spills occur when kids are involved – so they’re simple to clean and keep in top shape. When you install them over a hard surface, the play mats will connect snugly together, making it easy to sweep off the crumbs and other debris that inevitably accumulate in a play area. If you need to do a more thorough cleaning, a little mild detergent in some water will do the trick. No harsh cleaning chemicals are ever necessary, which means your child’s play area will be toxin-free – a definite plus!

When you’re choosing your EVA foam play mats, give some thought to the thickness you might want to choose. We offer three different thicknesses – 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ – so you can get the one that will be best suited to your child’s needs. The 3/8″ mat takes the hard edge off the floor but still provides a solid feel underfoot. As the thickness of the mat increases, so does the level of comfort and shock-absorption. Not sure which ones to purchase? Ask for a free sample and then see what you think. Remember, your comfort when you’re playing on the mats with your child is going to be a factor, too!

Probably the most important characteristic of any play mat is its ability to protect the kids while they play. With anywhere from 3/8″ to 3/4″ of EVA foam underneath them, the little falls and accidents that fill every childhood will become less traumatic (making your job easier!) and help the kids to get right back up and continue playing. That’s peace of mind for you, right there. But EVA foam play mats can go even one better: protecting your floors. That gorgeous hardwood that makes you cringe when you think of scratches and skid marks that will be left behind after a great playdate? Not a concern when you have EVA foam protecting it and your kids at the same time.

EVA foam play mats protect your kids, your joints, your floors, and makes the kids’ play area at home an easy one to care for. Request your free sample today!