Weight Loss Floor Exercises

So, you’ve made your weight loss resolutions and you’ve ordered your exercise mats from WeSellMats.com (you did do that, right?) and you’re chomping at the bit to start those weight loss floor exercises, but you’re still trying to figure out exactly which exercises are going to give you the most return on your time and energy. Well, only you can decide that, but here are some ideas to get you started…

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What Makes a Good Exercise Mat for CrossFit?

Choose the right foam floor mat for your Crossfit workout.

CrossFit is sweeping the nation, leading many to wonder how to best equip their gym or home workout area with exercise mats and flooring for their CrossFit activities. We Sell Mats’ EVA foam flooring is the ideal solution to your CrossFit mats needs, because the durability, comfort, and customizability of EVA foam exercise flooring makes it perfect for CrossFit’s range of workout types.

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Home Gym Design with We Sell Mats

Home Gym DesignFor the latest flooring technology in home gym design, We Sell Mats is the place to be. We offer convenient flooring mats that interlock, so won’t need glue to cover your existing concrete, tile, or wood floors. Because these mats work without glue, it’s easy to move and reassemble your flooring according to your changing home gym needs. Order a free sample from We Sell Mats to see what you’ve been missing!

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Exercise Mats from Walmart or Target

Exercise Mats from Walmart or TargetBeen shopping for exercise mats from Walmart or Target lately? It’s no surprise to hear this coming from us, and we know that Walmart and Target are both cheap and convenient places to shop, but there are some products for which you’re better off looking elsewhere, and exercise mats are one of them.

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What 10,000 Likes Means to Us

What is EVA FoamLate last night the We Sell Mats Facebook page reached its ten-thousandth fan, and we are super excited about it. That’s 10,000 different men and women, moms and dads, fitness buffs and gymnasts who all took the time to visit, click that Like button, and share the news about We Sell Mats with all their friends. So how does that make us feel?

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We Sell Mats Black Friday Deals are Here!

Black Friday Free iPad miniWe Sell Mats’ Black Friday Deals are here! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones, delicious food and those crazy football games, but now that it’s Friday we’re super-excited to share our special deals with you including a fun promotion to win an iPad mini for yourself or someone you love!

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Can Foam Mats Elect a President? No, But You Can!

Vote EVA Foam!Election Day is finally here, and all the pundits are asking the same questions:

“If Obama had been standing on EVA foam during the first debate, would he have seemed as uncomfortable?”
“If Romney gave more speeches from an EVA foam platform, would he be more relaxed and personable?”

OK, maybe none of the pundits are asking these questions, and maybe EVA foam doesn’t have what it takes to elect a president, but guess what? You do! Election day is one of the most important days for any American citizen and we urge everyone to remember your civic duty today and go vote!

Faux Wood Grain Materials Make Great Flooring

Faux Wood Grain MaterialsFaux wood grain materials are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to other common flooring products; so popular in fact that our 3/8" Thick Wood Grain EVA Foam Mats are frequently among our best-sellers. If you’ve never considered using wood grain foam mats in your home or office, let’s take a moment to examine a few of the reasons why faux wood grain has become popular.

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Custom-Made EVA Foam Halloween Costume

EVA Foam Megatron Halloween CostumeAny business loves to receive photos of happy customers using their products, and over the years we have really enjoyed seeing picture after picture of happy kids on ABC mats, proud fitness buffs showing off their new home gym, and even other businesses showing us their sharp new trade show booths. But really… this one takes the cake for the most creative use of EVA foam we’ve ever seen.

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Lowercase Alphabet Puzzle Mats On Sale!

We Sell Mats Alphabet Puzzle Mats are On Sale!Alphabet puzzle mats are a super-fun home accessory for any family with infants, toddlers, or young children. They brighten up the room, provide padding for those inevitable trips and falls, and their high-density foam makes cleaning up those even-more-inevitable spills a snap. As your kids grow and develop, they can even help with recognition of letters, numbers, and colors, and the interlocking patterns are great for improving motor skills and problem-solving abilities.

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