Personalize Your Booth

What’s going to make your trade show booth stand out at the next exhibition? Let’s face it, if you don’t stand out, you may as well save your resources and stay home. But trade shows are a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your business, so let We Sell Mats help you build the best booth yet with some top-of-the-line flooring solutions and a few trade show tips!

One of the best ways to give your trade show booth a leg up at the next show is to start with some classy, elegant, and professional EVA foam mats under everything. Wood grain floors are unexpected, to put it mildly, in a convocation center or exhibition hall. Customers will be drawn to a booth that stands out from the bottom up! And once they step onto the faux wood grain floor and realize it’s soft, cushioning, shock-absorbing foam, well, you might just have a hard time getting them to leave. Yep, they feel that good!

Maybe your booth would look great with some foam mats color coordinated to fit in with your logo and business color palette. We have so many colors to choose from: you can go with one solid color, or choose two or more different colors to really pop. Keep it simple, professional, not too busy, and the floors will silently complement the rest of the booth.

Whether wood grain or solid colors, all our mats are a cinch to transport, install, and maintain. They connect to each other like pieces of a puzzle, so when you’re ready, put them in place, add some straight edge finishing pieces and you’re done! Won’t take more than a couple of minutes, which is really important when you’re putting your booth together. If the floor goes down easily and in minutes, you have more time to devote to your product placement and display. If a visitor accidentally spills coffee on the mats, no worries. Wipe it up, let it dry. They really are that easy to care for. And at the end of the day, stack your mats, toss them in the trunk, and be off to the nearest watering hole to celebrate another successful trade show!

Trade show booth flooring doesn’t sound like an integral part of your marketing strategy, but it should be! Make your next trade show a resounding success with the addition of some soft, supportive EVA foam mats!