Personalize Your Home Gym

You can personalize just about everything these days: license plates, clothing, jewelry – why not personalize your workout space? With some shock-absorbing EVA foam mats, you’re on your way to a space that fits your needs perfectly!

Floor mats might not be the sexiest component of your home gym, but they go a long way toward helping you meet your fitness goals. For example, if you like to do a lot of floor work, you won’t spend much time doing it if you’re on cold, hard tile, concrete, or even carpet. Those surfaces just don’t cut it for Pilates, aerobics, or yoga. You need a surface that will allow you to balance, hold postures comfortably, and absorb shock from impact on your joints. 3/8” or 1/2” of EVA foam will do just that. Plus, foam mats can protect your original floor from scuff marks, sweat, and heavy-use marks. And if you have a dedicated space, defined by your awesome new floor mats, you’re more likely to spend the time you need in your fitness routine.

But fitness routines vary, and fortunately, so do our mats! Lots of people enjoy combining different strategies into their workouts: HIIT, plyometrics, functional fitness, even martial arts. How in the world do you set up a home gym space to accommodate all these types of routines? Good news! We have mats for all that stuff! In addition to the 3/8” and 1/2” mats, we have personal fitness mats for smaller spaces, martial arts mats with a textured finish for grip, yoga mats for every kind of yoga you can imagine, and even tumbling mats if your routine gets extra interesting! All of these mats come with our outta-this-world customer service. Not sure what you need or how much to order? Give us a call. The only thing better than our mats is our customer service. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you want, walk you through any difficulties you have, and be here ready for your next order when you realize you want more!

Personalize your fitness space with the very best workout mats available. You’ll love the mats, your space, and the healthy and fit you!