Picking the Play Mats

As a discerning parent, there are a few things you’re looking for in choosing play mats for your children. You’re looking for mats that will protect the little ones from the inevitable falls – mats that will make mishaps curable with a kiss rather than a trip to the ER for stitches. You’ll be looking for play mats that protect your floors: that’s some pretty expensive hardwood that would not look so hot with tread marks on it. And of course you’ll be looking for play mats that are easy to clean (no toxic chemicals) and safe for kids (no toxic chemicals).

Our interlocking EVA foam play mats are intended for ages 3 and up. Why? Because the pieces in the play mats are removable (a great feature for older kids) and kids who haven’t learned not to put everything in their mouths yet could potentially be harmed if they got a piece of the mat stuck in their throats. Play time would certainly be over, so please use the ABC/123 mats for kids over 3 years of age.

Ok, disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about these great play mats. Whether you choose the ABC/123 mats or the multi-purpose mats, you’re getting just the right amount of cushioning to protect without being so squishy as to offset balance. Cruising toddlers and new walkers need support and stability just as much as they need padding, and our EVA mats provide both in spades.

It’s snack time and the kids head straight for the play mats with their peanut butter crackers, grapes, and chocolate milk. A lovely, sticky, yet colorful mess on the mats which might be mistaken for modern art is actually easy to clean up. The play mats are water- and stain-resistant, so when the kiddos are taking their naps, just wipe the mats down with some water, maybe a little mild detergent (peanut butter is kind of oily…) and you’re done.

Recap: our ABC/123 play mats and our multi-purpose mats are soft enough to protect the kids from bumps and bruises, but sturdy enough to support first steps. They’re easy to install with those interlocking tabs, and are a cinch to clean up, because we all know they’re gonna get messy. You have a need, we have a solution. Hope to hear from you soon!