Places for Tumbling Mats

Of course the very foundation of gymnastics is the love of the sport, but physically speaking, tumbling mats are the sport’s safe foundation. But these versatile mats can be the foundation for even more activities. School sports season is about to kick in – use the tumbling mats for a safe cheer practice or even wrestling. Tumbling mats are an affordable method of protection for just about any activity done on the ground.

Young gymnasts practice at school or at a gymnastics studio on safe tumbling mats, and then they come home to practice their skills – on the kitchen floor? The concrete basement floor? No! They need the same safe surface at home they need at the gym – the geography of the practice may have changed, but their need for safety hasn’t. Our tumbling mats are thick, easily cleaned, and fold up so you can tuck them out of the way when they’re not in use. You can even connect them together with their Velcro edges to create a larger space if you need it. You wouldn’t send your child to a gymnastics gym that didn’t have tumbling mats, so don’t make that compromise for their time at home.

Now as for using tumbling mats for other activities, ask yourself the question, “Does my child use padded flooring for xyz at the school or gym?” If the answer is yes, then consider bringing that same quality of protection home for them. Cheer practice involves many of the same skills gymnastics teaches, so it makes perfect sense to have the same safety equipment on hand. Back handsprings are a core component of cheer, and with tumbling mats and an incline mat, you’ll have everything your cheerleader needs to practice safely (with your supervision) at home.

Tumbling mats are actually great surfaces for wrestling practice at home, too. Sure you can be the guinea pig and let your young wrestler show you her moves on the carpet, but OUCH. Rug burns are no fun. Haul out the tumbling mat, and let her take you on! Nothing communicates your support for your child’s active lifestyle the way providing equipment for her to practice safely on does.

Whatever activity your child chooses, believe us, tumbling mats are the best way to begin. They’re thick enough to provide padding that can prevent injury, supportive enough to provide sure footing, expandable when they need to be, and always affordable. Besides, you can’t put a price on your child’s safety.