Play Areas are for the Whole Family

Child playing with grandparent

It is becoming more and more common to see extended families living under the same roof, which makes it increasingly important to keep the kids’ play areas contained and organized. With multiple generations, uncoordinated schedules, and different physical space needs, the modern home is becoming a battleground. If children have their own designated areas in which to play, the increasingly complicated home life can be managed just that much easier. Family rooms originally were places the family could watch tv, play games, etc. But toys, video games and their associated paraphernalia, and the like soon took over and the family room became a play room. For many families, this is acceptable, even preferable, as parents and caregivers may have an easier time keeping an eye on the children during their play. But when kids take over a room formerly used by adults, where do the adults go?

In a young child’s bedroom, organization of toys is a must, and designating a specific area of the room can help the organizational process. The use of soft, easily maintained EVA foam mats can help visually designate a play area while providing a comfortable floor for the kids on which to play. Even though removed from parents’ line of sight, the basement can be a great place to designate as a play area. And again, the use of EVA mats can make the space safe, comfortable, and inviting.

If playing in the family room or den is the only alternative, it’s possible to make the play space inviting to both children and adults. You don’t want to risk spills and skid marks on carpet or expensive hardwood, so consider a faux wood grain or carpet top mat flooring system for the entire room. The wood grain lends an air of class to any room, regardless of the number of toys on the floor, and the carpet top mats are perfect for adding warmth and color to the room.

Creeping toys and play spaces can soon take over a whole house. Create a space where play can happen happily and safely without impinging on your own need for some quiet space. Play spaces are actually good things for the whole family!