Play Areas at School, Daycare, and Home

kids in daycare

It can be tough and expensive to create safe and fun play areas in the classroom, or even at home, but with just a few inexpensive EVA foam mats, kids can play for hours on a supportive, cushioned surface that won’t require an entire cleaning crew when they’re done.Our 3/8″ play area mats are made from EVA foam, a soft, pliable material that’s a snap to assemble and to keep clean. Getting ready for a classroom full of energetic kids? Play areas can be a lifesaver during quiet indoor playtime. Inviting colors and softness under little stocking feet can help keep them in a designated and safe play space. EVA foam in daycare settings can help limit the number of bumps and bruises (and calls to parents), while still being a sanitary and easily maintained surface on which little ones can play. And of course, at home the play areas can at least begin to curb the sprawl all those toys seem to affect. When you say, “Clean up the play area,” they’ll know exactly what space you’re talking about!

Keeping public play areas clean can be a challenge that usually ends up involving harsh chemicals that can damage surfaces and present a threat to children. Not so with our EVA mats! A little mild, even naturally derived detergent in some water is all you’ll need. Sweep the surface, then mop. Let the mats air dry and you’re done. Some caregivers choose to disinfect the mats periodically, and that’s fine; the mats can take it!

So if your summer “vacation” is coming to an end and you need to get a classroom ready, don’t forget the mats! They’re soft, easy to install, a piece of cake to clean (when they spill cake), and will outlast all the toys, shoes, and superheroes the kids can throw at them.