Play Areas for Everyone

Grandpa is coming to visit, and he’d really like to be able to play with the kids, but getting down on that beautiful hardwood floor to play isn’t something he’s looking forward to. Make the play areas in your home comfortable and safe for everyone who will be playing on them.

Concerned parents are mindful of the play spaces in their homes, and many of you have commented on our Facebook page that you’ve used our soft, supportive foam mats for your kids’ play rooms. But did you ever consider how our mats are also helpful for encouraging your own relationship with your kids? It’s a lot more comfortable to sit on the couch and watch tv with them than it is to sit on the floor playing with toys, so if you were to make the floor more comfortable and inviting, you might just find more opportunities to be active with your kids. Our 3/8″ tiles can take the edge off, but some thicker ones might just be so comfortable that Grandpa and the kids don’t come to dinner the first time they’re called!

Our wood grain and carpet top mats mean you don’t have to make the whole house look like a playroom, either. With different hues and textures, you can incorporate soft EVA foam mats in any area of the house while still maintaining a soft and safe play space for the little ones. Take a look at our Forest Floor® options. You’ll never know they’re made of EVA foam until you actually stand on them. They look so much like real hardwood that they’re bound to blend into your existing decor seamlessly. Maybe your play area is in the basement where a little texture and warmth would be welcome. Our carpet top mats are perfect. Not only do they feel and look great, but they help absorb sound so the tumbling wood blocks don’t sound like an airstrike. Sometimes a solid color is best, so our EVA foam mats come in lots of colors so you can choose one that fits best with the wall color or furnishings.

No matter your choice, Grandpa will thank you for making his time with the grandkids a little more pleasant!