Play Areas Kids Actually Want to Play In

a super messy bedroom.

If you search the ‘net even for a brief time, you’re going to find some absolutely amazing playroom ideas. There are whole rooms converted to pirate ships or castles or space stations. There are playrooms with multimedia entertainment systems suspended from ceilings, mounted to walls, or hidden in tidy cupboards. There are cork walls, chalkboard walls, and whiteboard walls. And as soon as you think it might be worth the investment, that little voice in the back of your mind whispers, “Yeah, but will they actually play in it??”You’ve seen it time and again: a new toy for Christmas or a birthday, and less than a week later, it’s on the floor under the bed or at the bottom of the closet, already forgotten. The trick to keeping kids engaged is to provide them only with the basics they need to fuel their own imaginations. So a playroom probably shouldn’t provide too much – in fact, the opposite can be even better.

Playrooms with plenty of empty floor space invite kids to build, move, and engage others. Fill a room with too much furniture or toys and there’s not enough space to be truly creative. Keep the space free of clutter so it is inviting. Make sure there is easy access to storage for toys and books, and of course, make sure the floor is a space they will feel comfortable playing. How do you do that? So glad you asked…

We Sell Mats specializes in comfort. That’s what we’re all about. And when it comes to playrooms, we can help you make the most comfortable, inviting space possible. Take, for example, our 3/4″ EVA foam mats. These are the thickest, most comfortable floor mats a kid could ever hope for. In fact, they’re so accommodating, you might just find yourself on the floor playing with your kids a little more often! And with 13 rich colors to choose from, you’re likely to find a color that already matches your room’s decor.

Play is serious business. It’s what helps us understand the world around us and teaches us to interact with it and each other. Give your kids a safe space to call their own, and watch them grow!