Play Areas Made Safe with EVA Foam Mats

Have a kid who loves bouncing on the bed, vaulting over the couch and swinging from anything that will hold her? Then you’ve come to the right place for some safe flooring surfaces to put down in the play area. Keeping the kids safe during play can be a challenge, but with our shock-absorbing, non-toxic EVA foam mats, you’re one step closer to providing a safe space for all kinds of imaginative, energetic, and raucous play.

Encouraging active play has never been easier than with the installation of our EVA foam mats. Each mat connects to the others with interlocking tabs for a secure, non-slip fit, whether for a small area or even wall-to-wall applications. You can do the installation yourself, too, which saves a boatload of bucks you don’t have to shell out to a professional. Once the mats are installed, they clean up quickly and easily with just a broom and a little mild soapy water. They’ll air dry quickly and you’ll be left with clean, resilient flooring for the next round of indoor Games.

Maybe you’re looking for play mats to help keep toddlers from bonking their heads every time they slip and fall. For kids 3 years old and older, take a look at our ABC-123 mats. These playful and educational mats create a great space in a bedroom or playroom that will engage the kids visually and creatively as they learn letters and numbers. For older kids (“I’m not a baby, Mom!”), our solid color foam mats are a great solution. Choose a couple different colors (maybe let them choose!) to create fun patterns that can be rearranged continually for a new look. And because the mats come in different thicknesses, you can get just the right amount of padding for the intended use.

For the real rough-housers, look into our 3/4” martial arts mats. These provide not only tons of padding, but a textured Tatami finish for better traction. They connect just like the other mats and are just as easily maintained.

Play area mats are a specialty at We Sell Mats, and we’re proud to offer a full line of non-toxic, colorful, and shock absorbing mats to help you keep your little ones safe in the indoor play areas.