Play Areas They’ll Never Outgrow

Sound impossible? Not with EVA foam mats! When the kids just need a small area designated for play, the number of mats you might choose to purchase as their “arena” might be few. But as they grow, their need for space increases (and so does the size and number of their toys). That little toddler space needs to expand. EVA foam mats can do that!

Our ABC/123 play mats are great for the little guys. They’re happily colored, have upper case or lower case letters and numbers for learning while playing, and can be installed quickly and easily without toxic adhesives. Their puzzle-piece design even makes it fun for the kids to help put them together although taking them apart will be even more fun! Just like our other foam mats, these are easily cleaned, requiring no scary chemicals. Just a little mild detergent and water will do the trick. And because they are spill resistant, you don’t have to worry about them becoming stained. They’re thick enough to absorb the falls that inevitably occur, and can’t prevent one of those falls from being serious simply by absorbing the impact.

When your kids get a little older, the ABC/123 might seem a little childish. We suggest you pass them on to another family with little ones (they’ll love you forever) and purchase our solid color EVA foam mats to create a larger, more “grown-up” space for the kids to play. Many of our moms and dads choose multiple colors to make cool patterns in the playroom. And of course, letting the kids have a say in the colors and patterns will give them ownership in the new space. And that might just help confine the minefield of toys so you can walk through the family room without stepping on those seemingly invisible little toys that go right through your bare feet.

Start small, think long-term, then make the wise decision to purchase our EVA foam mats for your play space. Your feet and your kids will thank you.