Play Areas With Mats Are A Good Idea

It’s true, kids will turn any 24-inch space into their personal play area, but do you really want that space to be in the middle of the kitchen floor? Or maybe on your bed? Or the dining table? Toy sprawl is inevitable, but there is one thing you can do to keep the toys contained: designate a play area or playroom.In some homes this is easier said than done. Small apartments, lofts with few rooms, or even homes where no extra rooms or basement are available can be challenging places to add a playroom. But We Sell Mats can help even the smallest of spaces be more accommodating of children and the things they need to grow up.

Designating even a small area of the home, maybe just part of a room, as the play area is easily done with some EVA foam mats.┬áThe square footage you designate as the play space becomes the child’s personal space, one they know is theirs alone (and we all know how important “MINE!!” is to a small child). The flooring is simple to install yourself because of the interlocking puzzle-like tabs and no adhesive is required, meaning the mats are easily moved if the space needs to change. They’re a breeze to clean, requiring only a little water. So far so good.

But there are other reasons mats make good play areas. You as the parent or caregiver are going to be spending some time on the floor playing with the little ones, so doesn’t it make sense to make sure it’s a comfortable floor? This is pure self-defense here, people! Ever have a toddler decide you were Everest and must be scaled? You’ll be glad you have some foam under you when that happens!

EVA foam also protects; not just your floors, but your kids as well. In rental spaces, you keep the floors in good condition and reclaim your deposit when you move (plus you have awesome flooring you don’t have to leave behind when you move out!). No permanent stains on the carpet from the squeezed juice box, no chunks taken out of the wood floor by the crashing table lamp. The kiddos fare pretty well, too. Little slips or tumbles are less likely to result in a trip to get stitches if the floor is covered in 3/8″ of foam.

Play areas are crucial to the minimal level of sanity you began maintaining when you became a parent. We’ll be glad to be your “therapist” and help you choose the right dimensions and colors for the space you have, answer any questions you have, and get some play room mats shipped out to you as soon as possible. Mats are a good idea – for kids, for your house, for you.