Play Mats: Your Best Home Security System

If you think ahead (and we think you do), you’ve given thought as to how to make your home appealing to a potential buyer: repairs to minor issues, additions to the house itself, and protecting attractive wood floors with things like EVA foam play mats. Yes, keeping your floors in top shape can help keep your whole house in peak selling condition.

EVA foam mats¬†are a unique creature. We really can’t decide what their primary purpose is: protecting floors from the rigors of childhood, or protecting kids while they play? Maybe you can decide. Try putting some EVA foam mats down where your kids do their playing, or create the play space with the mats themselves (’cause we know kids play aaaaaalll over the house). The result will be an area that is safe for the kids and won’t look like the track at Monte Carlo after just a few months. How is all this possible?

Think about the flip-flops you wear to the beach: they’re made from EVA foam! Soft, just enough between you and the surface you’re walking on to keep you comfortable and protect your feet. That’s what our play mats are made from, too. And they do the same thing as your flip-flops; they keep you (or your kids) comfortable with just enough padding between you and the floor, and at the same time, they preserve the fine finish of wood floors from scuff marks, gouges, accidental spills, and, well – childhood.

EVA foam play mats are so easy to install, you could actually let the kids do most of it. The mats are made like puzzle pieces with interlocking tabs around all four edges of the 24″ squares. Snap them together to create your play space, finish with some straight edge pieces (included), and let the playing begin! When those inevitable spills occur, you just wipe them up – the mats are water- and stain-resistant. If you need to move the play area to another location, just detach the mats from each other and reassemble in their new location. The play mats still stay tightly locked and continue to provide padding and safety wherever they go.

And at the end of the day (or when you’re ready to sell the house and move on to the next adventure), the EVA foam covered floors in your home are not something you have to bring up to realtor standards, because you’ve protected them well from the wear and tear of family life. EVA foam could very well be your best home security plan: you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’re doing your best by your kids and your floors!