Play Spaces In Kids’ Bedrooms

The house I grew up in had an awesome playroom in the basement. Orange and yellow shelves and cabinets lined an entire wall with a floor-to-ceiling pegboard opposite. A child-sized door cut out of the plywood wall that separated the playroom from the laundry room made it easy to get to mom when I needed to (and was just cool). But not all homes have extra rooms to designate as playrooms. Sometimes you just have to create the play spaces wherever there’s room. Often this ends up being the kids’ bedrooms. One way to liven the room up and create an appointed play area is with special flooring. EVA foam mats can help you create a colorful, playful, and cushioned area for the little ones to play. They are easily installed with interlocking tabs that make it easy to pull them up and reassemble them in a different configuration. They’re a cinch to clean up, and with three thicknesses to choose from, they’ll cushion any falls or tumbles better than carpeting or wood flooring.

Take a look at We Sell Mats’ 3/8″ floor mats. It’s going to be hard to choose! Thirteen different colors to choose from in addition to wood grain and ABC/123 mats! And for a limited time, we’ll even ship these particular mats free! If you want a little more cushioning, check out the 1/2″ floor mats in ten different colors. And all the mats come with edging to give your play space a nice, finished look. Not sure which to choose? Give us a shout – we can hook you up with a free sample so you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.