Play Spaces that Grow

Ok, they don’t actually grow in the biological sense, but play spaces can actually be transformed as your kids grow and their needs change. Unlike their toys and clothes that must be replaced entirely as they grow up, kids’ play areas are unique in that they can be redesigned and rearranged using the same space. One way to do this is (obviously!) using floor mats.For the three year-old,  a fun, engaging space might include a designated area in her bedroom, an assigned space outlined by our ABC floor mats. As she outgrows the “teaching” floor mats, and perhaps needs a larger space, a few of our interlocking colored floor mats can be put together in a snap (and undone the same way). If you have a whole room to designate as the playroom, don’t worry. You can order as many mats as you need for exactly the space you have to fill. Calculate your square footage and order only what you need. If you decide you need a few more later on, our 3/8″ mats can be ordered by the single tile. We’ll even pay shipping for a limited time. How’s that for growing with you?? And if it’s a nice, big space with lots of room for energetic activities, you might want to consider the addition of some tumbling mats to cushion those amazing acrobatics the little ones inevitably come up with. (Wouldn’t it be nice to save the nice carpet in the living room from the traffic of constant “watch me, Mommy!”)

Not sure which to order? No problem there, either. We’re glad to send you a free sample of our tiles, with a minimal shipping charge, so you can compare, test, and choose risk-free. With lots of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you need. Like us on facebook and we’ll even throw in an extra discount – that’s how sure we are that you’ll love our mats. See you on the check-out page!