Playroom Floors that Last

Kids do better when their play surfaces are soft and sturdy, so making sure their playrooms, bedrooms, or that little corner of the family room are lined with EVA foam mats will ensure hours of tear-free playtime. Too often, we think carpet is going to be our best option – it’s soft, right? Well, yes, but carpets are a nightmare to clean when kids are involved. And they’re home to allergens that can cause no end of sneezing, itching and general discomfort. Trapping these kinds of things in your toddler’s play area in the soft, deep pile of a pretty carpet will come back to haunt you. That’s why we think EVA foam mats are the best way to go.

First of all, our mats are made with interlocking tabs so installation is super easy and doesn’t require a professional. You can order only as many mats as you’ll need for your space, and install them yourself in just minutes. Piece them together over a hard surface like hardwood, tile, or concrete, snap on the finishing edges, and you’re done! No chemical treatment is necessary because the mats are water resistant (and grape juice resistant too!). If a spill occurs, just wipe up with a damp cloth or mop using nothing more than water and maybe a little mild detergent. No need for harsh chemicals that can leave dangerous residue behind in the kids’ play area.

So which mats will work best in your home? For younger kids, the ABC/123 mats might just be the ticket. Colorful letters and numbers can be a fun learning tool while they’re playing and their multiple colors look great in just about any bedroom. For solid colors, you can’t go wrong with our 3/8” mats. You’ll easily find a color to match your existing decor – might even want to mix and match! For a look that blends easily into a family room or den, consider our best-selling faux wood grain mats. You’ll never know they’re foam until you step on them! They’ll blend seamlessly into a classy decor while still providing years of soft support for play.

Make your kids’ play areas as supportive, attractive, and affordable as possible by using EVA foam mats!