Playrooms – Not Just For Kids Anymore

Ok, when you say “playroom” most people will think you’re talking about a designated room or area for the kids to play in, and that’s often the case, but we all know grown-ups need space to play, too. With our wood grain and carpet top EVA foam mats, any space you put them in will instantly become a place kids and adults alike will want to play in.

Wood grain mats in the living room, family room, or basement instantly transform the area into a classy, comfortable space you’ll want to walk barefoot on all day long. They absorb shock, cushion your steps, and are downright cozy to sit on. You could say the same thing about a deep pile carpeting, but what about spills? Mats wipe up quickly and don’t hold stains – you can’t say that about carpet. So while the kids are in school and Mom’s planted in front of the console playing her favorite RPG, she’s got a comfortable, durable, and maintenance-free spot to get to the next level.

Our carpet top mats add warmth and sound dampening to the play area. The extremely low pile tiles fit together just like the wood grain mats do with interlocking tabs, so you can install them quickly and easily with no professional assistance. Looking to transform the unfinished basement into a usable, inviting space? These are your ticket. With 3/8″ of EVA foam underneath your feet or bum, you won’t want to leave!

Now of course all our mats are great for the kids’ playrooms, but if the kids have to share space with the adults, these two particular mats can’t be beat. They can blend with your existing decor or create an entirely new look in just a matter of minutes. If you do happen to have enough space to create a room just for the kids, you might take a look at our solid color EVA foam mats. They’re constructed and installed the same way, so it’s a quick solution to a play/wrestling/tumbling/ninja-fighting/fairy-tale-re-enacting space your kids will love.

And of course all our mats come with the best customer service you’ll find on the Web or in any store. We’re here whenever you need us, and we love to talk with you. It’s our goal to turn your play space (and the kids’) into an area you’ll look forward to being in, 24/7.