Premium Carpet-Top Mats Are the Best Solution

If you have a living space or even an area at work you’re considering covering in carpet, consider using our Premium Carpet-Top Mats. Why choose mats instead of professionally installed carpet? Wouldn’t it be easier in the long run to have someone else install a single roll of padding and carpet? The short answer is “no,” but let’s explore why.

Affordability is a key reason to use Premium Carpet-Top Mats instead of carpet. And affordability means so much more than your initial financial outlay. First, carpet requires padding and professional installation. Those costs are on top of the carpet itself. Second, if accidental spills of liquid occur on a carpet, you either have to make sure you get the whole stain out or replace the carpet (or live with an ugly stain, and who wants to do that?). To get the stain out, you may hire professional carpet cleaners – another hidden cost. With our Premium Carpet-Top Mats, both of these costs are eliminated. No professional is required for either installation or maintenance. The mats arrive at your door with 5/8″ of EVA foam padding on the underside of the commercial carpet-style surface, so no extra padding is required. They’re so soft to walk on, you may want to consider putting them in other areas of your home where bare feet routinely tread. The mats connect to each other quickly with their tabbed edges, meaning you can install the flooring system yourself in minutes. Straight edge pieces give the whole thing a nice, finished look. And if a stain occurs that you can’t get out, you can simply replace the single mat and the floor is as good as new.

Are our Premium Carpet-Top Mats easy to care for? You bet. Use a vacuum on them just as you would any carpeted surface. Debris comes up, but the really nice thing is that because the carpeted surface is on top of EVA foam, there’s nowhere for dust, dander, and little pests like dust mites to burrow and hide. You may inadvertently decrease the number of allergens in your home with your new flooring system.

Soft, incredibly comfortable to walk on, easily installed and maintained, and possibly a more healthful solution than carpeting, EVA foam Premium Carpet-Top Mats might just be the best floor covering you ever install. Many of our customers have discovered this already, and have purchased more of these mats to use after their initial purchases. We’re pretty sure you’ll make the same discovery. Ask for a sample to see just how comfortable these mats can make your home or work space.