Protecting the Martial Artist with Foam Flooring

Hollywood has given us the perspective that the purpose of martial arts is to defeat or harm an opponent, when in fact the reality is that most martial arts are designed to protect the practitioner, whatever his or her situation may be. The skills a student of the martial arts learns are designed to prevent injury to the student, so it makes sense that safety measures taken in training would also be designed to protect the martial artist.

Non-restrictive uniforms, gloves, and footwear all play a role in the safety of the martial arts student. Learning the art from an experienced and well-respected instructor ensures mastery of the proper form which can decrease the likelihood of injury. But just as important as gear and instruction are to safety, so is the proper surface to practice on. One of the first things a martial arts student learns is how to fall. Knowing how to take a fall without resulting injury is a crucial step toward the gaining the self-confidence needed to be a resilient fighter. The proper technique in falling is crucial, but let’s take a closer look at the surface beneath your feet in regard to your training safety.

A high quality martial arts floor surface should do several things. First, it should be solid and sturdy enough to help you retain stability and control during training. Second, it should be soft enough to absorb impact and prevent injury in a fall. Third, the ideal flooring system should be easy to clean and care for. And finally, the best martial arts floor mats should be customizable  to suit your space and style needs. has the foam mats to meet each of these requirements!

If you’re a beginner, we strongly recommend our 3/4″ mats with the Tatami finish for superior cushioning and grip. If you’re an expert, the 1/2″ mats are more suited to your level of experience. Both thicknesses of mats come in red, gray, blue, or black. Not sure which mat is right for your needs? Order a free sample – for just the price of shipping, you’ll be able to try out the mats and determine which thickness best suits your needs. Since all martial arts mats are customizable, you can order only what you need. Whether you’re looking to surface an area in your home for your private workout or to provide a safe surface for your martial arts facility, can help you put together a floor package that will provide life-long support and protection in the pursuit of marital artistry.