Protect the Kids, Protect the House

We’re all about safety at WeSellMats. The very nature of our shock-absorbing EVA foam mats means they make activities that much safer. (Cue super-hero music) Whether you’re working out at home or the gym, practicing self-defense or karate, working in the garage, providing daycare, or just watching your kids play and grow, our mats provide protective surfaces on which to do all these things safely. Indoor play areas are probably the most likely place for bonks, spills, and tumbles to happen to kids. Soft, supportive EVA foam mats play an obvious role here in making the impact a little less painful. And if you’ve ever had a 4 year-old carrying around a ceramic cereal bowl or the occasional glass cup, you know that shattered glass can hide for days before sneaking up to slice into a little foot. Foam mats absorb and cushion falls not only from happy-go-lucky kiddos, but the things they’re carrying. One less shattered bowl or cup means less splinters to pull out and fewer tears to dry.

While keeping the kids a little safer is an obvious function of our outstanding mats, consider this (music gets creepier): what would your floor look like in a year if you didn’t have mats down? That lamp that got pulled over onto the floor would have left a nice dent in the hardwood floor or perhaps splintered into a million shards of lightbulb glass when it hit the concrete pad. The carpet would have permanent trail marks from the heavy traffic of little feet, not to mention the stains from the spilled juice and the little speed bumps of desiccated raisins.

3/8″ EVA foam mats to save the day! (Are you hearing Indiana Jones??) A mere 3/8″ of soft, supportive, easily assembled and cleaned foam mats can make the difference for your kids and your house. No matter which of our mats your choose, you can be assured you’re getting the highest quality, most affordable, longest-lasting, and most attractive mats available online. If you’re not sure which to choose, let us send you a free sample so you can be sure. We’ll do all we can to make sure your experience buying from us is one of the best online experiences you’ll ever have. (Would you expect less from a company that sells super-hero flooring??)